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What can Strong Magnets be used for? 1. Magnets are great for a variety of uses. Strong magnets are basically those which are permanent  though there are temporary magnets like superconductors which are very strong as well. Strong  magnets can be used for a variety of purposes. Following are some of them. Have a look below.  2. Magnetic bracelets: These are a wonderful use of strong magnets. They are basically a way to let  people keep in touch with their magnetic fields. Magnetic therapy proponents claim that such close  touch with the magnetic field increases one’s vitality, energy and health and improves organ  function and blood flow. Magnetic bracelets have magnets in the center and are aimed at people  who want to live a healthier life.  3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging: This is considered the most important use of magnets to a lot of  people. Magnets used this way helps show a clear difference between the hard tissues of the body  such as bones and the soft tissues of the body. Radio frequencies also increase the efficacy of the  MRI is finding out clearly the image of the internals of the body. MRI’s are preferred by a lot of  people because not only do they produce a clearer picture than CT scans, they also don’t use any  radioactive elements that may harm the body.  4. Electromagnetic technology: This is another wonderful use of strong magnets. An electromagnet is  a magnet that gets magnetized due to the flow of current through it. A small thin wire will develop  a magnetic field if current passes through it transforming it into an electromagnet. The great thing  about electromagnets is that it can propel metallic objects into things that have a high velocity.  5. Anti gravity: This is one of the uses of magnets that we can benefit from in the future. Though no  machine has yet been created for anti gravity, chances are that scientists will have something like  it in the near future. In fact, scientists are trying to us the huge anti force of magnets to propel  metal objects into mid air. Chances are, they will succeed before long!  6. Generators and electric motors: These cannot be built without magnets. When a conductor is  moved through a magnetic field, it generates magnetic energy. This energy can be used  successfully to make generators and electric motors. As you must know, generators and electric  motors have great industrial uses.  7. Experimental trinkets: If you love science experiments, you are going to love strong magnets.  Strong magnets can be used beautifully to create desk experimental trinkets. Using the anti gravity  levitating feature of magnets, you can easily make various things that will fascinate the people  who come to your room! They are great for science projects as well.  8. Simple home uses: Have you dropped a lot of screws and nails in your yard? Using a magnet tied  to a stick to walk about in the yard is a great way of finding them. It is a simplistic use of magnets  and it’s fun to do as well.       
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