An Introduction to Neodymium Magnets with its Effective Healing Applications Carl Auer, an Australian Chemist discovered the rare earth metal in the name of neodymium in1885 which presently is located in the 6th row of the periodic table having atomic number 60. It strongly belongs to the gamily of Lanthanide and this has a strong metallic property being hammered into thin sheets which simply means that it is a malleable material. It is also soft in nature. For the time being, the science is ready with the seven isotopes of this element that are naturally occurring. The main and popular use of this rare earth metal is in the manufacturing of magnets all over the world. These substances are known for their strong magnetic power and if it is mishandled, it can simply lead to harmful and dangerous consequences. Such magnets are also called as NdFEB, NIB, neo magnets and neodymium rare earth magnets. They are especially the permanent magnets that are composed of an alloy of this earth metal with those of iron and boron. When it comes to its versatile utilities, you will be amazed to know that the neo magnets are solely used to produce awesome and quality magnetic ionizers, magnetic separators and magnetic filters. Nonetheless, security systems, switches and alarm systems may also use the same. You might not be acquainted with the power and use of these magnets in the field of magnotherapy or magnetic therapy which acts as the healing mechanism for the people suffering from pains and aches. Some of the principal healing utilities of the neo magnets are mentioned below – When the medical experts expose the patient’s body to strong magnetic field, neodymium magnets effectively relieve the pains and aches form your body parts. In particular, such magnetic therapy is commonly used in alleviating the pains of spine/back problems and joint disorders. This therapy may also be used in the collaboration of some other popular healing methods like acupuncture and massage therapy. Some of the clinical tests and results also support the fact these neo magnets if well placed, can activities the power of sources or Chakras within your body. When the sources get imbalanced in the body, these magnets play in important role to balance the disorders and bring a new point of equilibrium in your body. The latest traditions and trends of wearing bands, watches, rings and necklaces on your body parts also include the use of the neodymium magnets in particular. This help in alleviating the pain of the specific body parts. There are a few diseases, health ailments and aches that often occur in our body and neo magnets can work wonders to those symptoms. Some of the problems that need the use of such neo magnets are back pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, joint pain, fractures, stress & sinus headaches, fibromyalgia, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, strains, swelling and toothaches. There are all sorts of Magnetic healing products on the market these days. From Magnets embedded in your mattress to magnetic bracelets and other magnetic jewelry that you wear. Some chiropractors and Acupuncturist use small pointy gold plated neodymium magnet on a adhesive bandage place in strategic areas on your body that one leaves in place for several days to further enhance the therapy just given. NEO magnets are very small in size when compared to other permanent magnets on this earth but this has a strong utility power. Apart from being used in the experimentation and research purposes, this rare earth element neodymium, also finds its use in the manufacturing of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanning machines at the same time. This article is reference information purposes only and by no means should be used for any medical remedy or condition without seeking out a the advice of a qualified Physician for what ails you.
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