Magnets A Part And Parcel Of Human Life Almost every individual would have learned about magnets as children. They are possibly one of the first toys most people had and used in their construction games. For example, the letters and numbers attached to most refrigerator doors were held on with magnets. Magnets are excellent substances which helped the children to understand the science of magnetism gradually. They did not wait to go to school to study theory subjects about magnetism but understood that two magnets can be moved towards one another without having the necessity to touch each other. It was certainly a magic for them! As most people got older, they realized magnets were used in many of the everyday items they used. As teenagers, they learned there were strong magnets in the stereo speakers that blasted out their favorite tunes. Later, they realized magnets were used on refrigerator doors to hold them shut. There are many uses for magnets in todays world. They are used in wide range of products from televisions to credit cards, from cars to bikes, and the list goes on. For example, in television sets, magnets are used to concentrate a beam of light onto the screen so the picture can be seen. Credit cards have a magnetic strip on the back that stores personal information and when the credit card is swiped with a card reader, the information is transferred. It is highly impossible to think about a new world without the presence of magnets. This is one reason that has attributed to the growth of sales in magnets. Commercial vendors are interested to sell magnets to reap better profits. They are made out of many different materials ranging from ceramic to neodymium. Though the basic concept behind every magnet is the same, still one could feel that some magnets are stronger than other magnets. The strength of magnets depends on whether the material is able to retain a strong magnetic field. Most companies sell magnets that are made of ceramic. Ceramic magnets are run of the mill magnets, but they can smash a finger if care is not taken while using them. On the other hand, a few companies sell magnets made from neodymium. These magnets are very powerful and can not only smash a finger, but they can also break it. Extreme care must be taken when using neodymium magnets. Yet, the most powerful magnets are called Super magnets. There are only few players in the market who can sell these products. They are extremely dangerous because they can break an arm if two magnets are allowed to snap together. In fact, nearly any human bone in a Super-magnets way will snap. Most companies will not sell magnets of this type to just anyone. An interesting fact about Supermagnets is they can not be shipped on an airplane. The reason is because the magnets are so strong that they interfere with the airplanes navigation system. Magnets are being used in many products and most people don’t even realize their presence.
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